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About Me.


I am a compassionate woman with a passion for wisdom, creativity and unconditional love. 

My past has been dark, I lived through eight years of debilitating child sexual abuse, violence and carried around a deeply wounded heart. My faith has been strong. It was a deep belief in unconditional LOVE that I held on to, that kept me living with my heart on my sleeve. Open always with hope and full of love to give. My determination and deep knowing that there is goodness to be experienced in life has brought me to where I am today.

Yes, I struggled, and yes, there were times when I felt this whole thing was a waste of time. I thought "why?" Not why me.... why anyone? Why life? I didn't know my worth, therefore I held myself back from fully experiencing joy. I didn't know I had a voice, so I kept quiet and only listened to others. I certainly didn't know where to find the right help for me. Well, other than amazing counsellors that I hung out each week to go back to - the one person in my life who understood what I'd gone through and could offer me a listening ear, validation, support and tools to get through. 

Anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, depression and obsessive compulsive tendencies have haunted me at times in my life when things got hard. I'd just want to withdraw. I didn't know why I forever had to deal with the nightmare of abuse. What I found was that for me, anxiety was pent up emotion, requiring action and depression was pent up grief, needing release. I think of post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the soul scattering that occurred as the result of my soul leaving my body to cope with the trauma or dissociation.

In these times of darkness it was a battle for me to find a place to feel connected, and I never really met other survivors I could connect with until I shared my story and met with many"me too's" which enlightened me to the magnitude of HOW MANY of us there are.

I am so inspired by our determination and resilience and it tugs at my heart to find that we often feel alone. This is why I have created a place that I wish existed back when I needed it... (maybe you wished for it too?) 

A safe place to find and share tools, support and resources for not just surviving, but for living a damn good, meaningful life. 

What will you find here?

A blog where I share wisdom from my personal experiences; 

Upcoming yoga events for greater self awareness & acceptance;

A mini series of podcast episodes sharing tools, resources and stories for overcoming and understanding sexual violence;

And if you subscribe below, a monthly email full of the latest nourishment and tools I've discovered (plus a gorgeous freebie to say thank you)!

With Love and Encouragement,

Tash xx

I was honoured to be a guest on Jen Vertanen's witty & deep podcast "Going There" to share my story of healing from sexual abuse, finding love & intimacy.

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