How to Buy Essential Oils

There are a few ways to access doTERRA Essential Oils and I want to guide you on how to get the BEST option for you...







~ Option One ~

Purchase any enrollment kit to waive the $35 wholesale membership fee.

Purchasing a kit is without a doubt the most valuable way to get started! For example; The Home Essentials Kit is incredible value as you get the 10 oils every home needs + a petal diffuser and save over $200 in the process!

The Home Essentials Kit (and how to use it)

Peppermint: The oil of a Buoyant Heart. A very energizing oil and known for its caffeine free 'pick me up' - perfect for that 3pm slump.  Peppermint is cooling to the body temperature and is perfect in a hot chocolate or pot of tea to settle an upset tummy. Just one drop of Peppermint Essential oil = 28 CUPS of peppermint tea!!!

DigestZen: The oil of Digestion. Releasing the gut of anxiety and stress, Digestzen helps to breakdown the states of overwhelm. Promoting a healthy digestion while relieving the feelings of bloating, cramping and nausea. Emotionally, Digestzen assists you to digest new information clearly and effortlessly when diffused or inhaled.

Lemon: The oil of Focus. Your perfect study buddy! As well as welcoming more clarity, lemon helps in the process of detoxifying - purifying inside and out. Add a drop to your water each day to support your liver; diffuse to kill airborne viruses; and blend your own non-tox cleaning products. Lemon is truly a cleansing essential.

Lavender: The oil of Communication & Calm. Known to calm worries and support the release of tensions in the body. Lavender is calming to the nervous system, perfect for promoting a restful night sleep. As we were taught growing up, lavender is the perfect potion for soothing and calming irritated skin - pair with frankincense and tea tree for extra radiance.

Frankincense: The oil of Truth. Frankincense invites you to let go of lower vibrations, whilst fighting inflammation in the body. This powerhouse in a bottle is our remedy for renewing brain function. But let's not go past him being incredibly beautifying - he is our anti-ageing god for the skin; promoting cellular regeneration Frank is not named 'The KING of oils for nothing!!

Oregano: The oil of Non-Attachment. Given the title of Nature’s Antibiotic, this oil is POWERFUL! Not only boosting a healthy immune system, but allowing a healthy connection between the self and the divine by removing blocks throughout the body. He is one to add into almost any dish as it is 50-70x more powerful then the herb itself. Oregano is so powerful he can burn off a wart within 4 days!!!

On Guard: The oil of Protection. Containing natures most powerful anti-oxidant Clove, On guard shields individuals from bacteria, mold and viruses. This blend of essential oils protects the immune system, while warding off energetic parasites, in turn filling the body with antioxidants. Perfect as a natural hand sanitizer when you're on the go.

Tea Tree: The oil of Energetic Boundaries. Tea Tree is the oil to turn too for treating bites and stings, as well as removing bacteria from skin irritations such as pimples, burns and scratches. The must have oil for your first aid kit and to whip out as an insect repellent when you're out and about.

Easy Air: The oil of Breath. Opening the respiratory tract, easy air encourages you to let go on each out breath and receive with every inhale. This blend of oils will help support you for things such as hay fever, sinusitis, blocked nose, and other respiratory conditions. A great support for asthmatics, yogi's, athletes and the like.

Ice Blue: The oil of Surrendering Pain. Helping the body stay calm and collected throughout the feeling of both physical and emotional pain. Apply topically for muscle and joint pain or aromatically for emotional release. (One to keep in the gym bag.)

Petal Diffuser: The Petal Diffuser is a small, convenient, and night-friendly diffuser with a far-reaching mist designed to help purify and humidify the air around you. Covers up to 330 square feet and includes a 1-2 or 4 hour timer setting that switches off automatically after the selected time.

The Petal Diffuser permeates an ultra-fine, yet substantial mist output into the air, releasing the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of doTERRA essential oils quickly and safely. Perfect for both novice and experienced essential oil users who want a reliable, easy-to-use essential oil diffuser





~ Option Two ~

Pay a one-off membership fee of $35 and get unlimited oils for an entire year. (Renewal is a $25 membership fee, however receive a FREE bottle of peppermint oil.)

This option will allow you to choose any single oils, oil blends, or consumables you like from the product guide below and create your very own customized kit.

Benefits, No minimum order required.

*With this option you must make sure to add your $35 'Introductory Welcome Packet' at the checkout as this is your membership. (Enrollment Kits waive this enrollment fee)


But of course, with both of these options you don't just get your beautiful oils,
you also get ME.

Included with both of these options are a number of additional benefits, including;

· A beautiful customized Welcome email outlining the basics on how to get started without overwhelming yourself with trying to find it all by yourself

· 150 Uses for Your Home Essentials Kit, including extra recipes/blends

· 30 minute Wellness Consult with me - We’ll make sure you have the oils that are going to support you physically and emotionally + that you’re getting the most out of your membership going forward

· Access to our 'Oily Living' Facebook group, where we share personal experiences with the oils on a daily basis as well as information on new oils + promotions. (You'll never run out of ideas!)

· And of course, if you’re ever interested in exploring the business opportunity you will have the opportunity from day one to join our Leadership Group of amazing women (and men) of all different backgrounds, including mama's, life coaches, health coaches, yogi's, nutritionists, nurses and more who are all round soulpreneurs here empowering each other on building our dream businesses from the ground up and being the change for this world and more.











Let's choose a Kit for you; Where are you from?

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Are you ready to get your oils?






If you know you want to jump over and save 25% straight away (they usually arrive within a 2-3 days) you can simply click the link above
and follow the steps below. . .

· Click Join and Save

· Choose the country and language that's appropriate for you.

· Select 'Local OTG' to order straight from the Australian Warehouse

· Choose Wellness Advocate to receive your 25% wholesale prices

· Enter your personal information

· At *Enroller id*, enter my number: 5389668

· Then click verify (it should show you my name - Tasha Tilley)

· Give yourself an easy to remember password

· Click over to the next page

· Select what kit you'd like to order. [Home Essentials Kit // Nature's Solution Kit // Emotional Aromatherapy Kit]
If you just want to start with a couple of oils instead of a kit, start typing the name of the oil in the product order box and it will appear automatically. *Be sure to select the $35 introductory packet if you're not enrolling with a kit.
**Remember, Enrolling with a kit waives this enrollment fee.

· Add on a Fractionated Coconut Oil to ensure you can start diluting straight away (a must if using with the kids)

· Enter your Credit Card details and process your order and your goodies will be on their way! 


Once your payment is processed, you will be asked if you would like to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program - or what I like to refer to as my "Monthly Wellness Membership". This is completely voluntary, however this is a great way to slowly build up your kit over the next few months + you'll love the free product incentives and to receive commissions from sharing the oily love down the track.. if you choose.

If you have enrolled with the Home Essentials Kit, I highly recommend adding the Mood Management oils to your LRP order for the following month.
This kit includes the Lavender Peace (Relaxation Blend) Balance (Grounding Blend) Elevation (Joyful Blend) Citrus Bliss (Invigorating Blend). All of these are blends I have connected with from day one of receiving them.

Some of my other favourites, that I just would not live without are:
ClaryCalm (Women's monthly blend - perfect for PMS//Menstrual cramps//Menopause Symptoms)
Wild Orange (Feel JOY & ABUNDANCE in all areas of life)
Whisper (Your new Feminine PUREfume, especially when mixed with Citrus Bliss)
Console (feel SERENE - to help within the steps of healing)

Hope (not only deliciously comforting, 100% of proceeds go to O.U.R - a charity rescuing children from sex trafficking)

Jasmine (YUM, divine support for sexual purity & balance - highly supportive after rape//sexual assault//sub-fertility)

Rose (All about LOVE)

If you decide to go ahead and set up your LRP, select a date before the 15th of next month (you'll receive a FREE oil if your order reaches 125PV or more), select your oils, and enter your payment details one more time. 

Please note: your credit card will NOT be processed until the date you've selected for shipping!


Once you have finished, doTERRA will email your ID straight to you. Although as a part of becoming a member of my team, I will email you shortly after with a Welcome email and a heap of other guides to help get you started with your oils straight away.

Becoming a part of my team, you will also have access to a 30 minute Wellness Consult in the week following your order, to ensure you are getting the most out of your oils, as well as using them safely with the whole family.

WELCOME to The Oily Living family.

I can't wait to start making magic together and change our lives one oil at a time xo.

*If you are not satisfied with how the oils are benefiting your life, doTERRA have a 30 day money back guarantee for all new orders*


By opening your wholesale account with one payment of $35 or the purchase of a kit, all your purchases will be 25% off retail and you will have the opportunity to buy a bottle of Hope essential oil and help STOP sex trafficking!!

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