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What if you're already enough?

For everything you're yearning for, everything you've ever wanted?

What if instead of feeling bleh, fat, uncomfortable and bloated, you were embracing your beautiful body, feeling light, energetic and free?

And instead of shutting down and stifling your voice when you want to say something, you were courageously standing for yourself and proudly sharing what is on your heart?

And instead of staying in a job you hate just to pay bills, you were manifesting your dream career and lifestyle?

And instead of consuming just to fill a void or not even enjoying it at all, you were leaning in to pleasure, reclaiming your body and your right to feel good?

What if you already have everything you need in order to bring your hopes and desires to life inside you?

Well, you do.

Right here,

right now,

as you are.

You are all you need.

It's there inside you, waiting for your love and attention.

I'm just here to help you see yourself.




Hi, I'm Tash

Perth based Author, Speaker,

& BYCA Certified Life Coach

I'm an embodiment and empowerment coach for sensitive, ambitious souls claiming self-love and trust after healing from trauma and abuse. Passionate about wellbeing and spirituality, I love seeing my clients take ownership of their lives and thrive. 

2021 Graduated Beautiful You Life Coach,

Current AIPC student of counselling,

2019 200hr Yoga Teacher,

2017 NDIS disability support awards nominee,

and proud mum of one beautiful boy

pic of me.JPG

What Clients say about me:


"Tash is the Queen of holding space"

"In tune with her body and emotions."

"Deep, nurturing, wise"

"knows herself well"

What Clients say about coaching with me:

"Because of you I feel seen and this gives me confidence so that I can begin to tell my personal journey." 

"My confidence has grown."

"I'm no longer worried about what other people think."

"I'm so proud of who I am."

"I'm now better at prioritising my time."

"I can take the tools we utilised to continue my journey beyond the coaching series."

Are you ready to embrace the power of coaching in your own life?


Beliefs & Values


You are enough

As you are. Perfect and whole. You need nothing outside of yourself to be complete. You're not broken and never have been, only tangled in a web of lies and perceived or projected expectations. It is safe to unravel. 

You belong

You are worthy of everything your heart desires. You were created on purpose and are meant to be here. You're a beautiful gift to the world. 

Healing is not linear

It is an overcoming, a moving through, a reclaiming. You may feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back, but you are always evolving. 

It's not your fault, but it is your responsibility

It is up to each of us to end codependency and the cycle of abuse by making the empowering choice to accept responsibility for where we are at in life and call in the resources to get to where we want to be. 

Healing is about living a meaningful life 

Give yourself permission to live the life of your dreams. Don't hold yourself back from the things you know are going to help you grow and lead you somewhere beautiful - you deserve it! 

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