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"[Break the Cycle of Silence] is really well written. It's such an eye opener and makes me realise how much more responsibility I have as a teacher to the kids in my class." - Lisa Harvey, Teacher


"Thank you for sharing this book, this stuff isn't talked about enough."

"I really resonated with it. It made me reflect on my childhood and things I hadn't dealt with."

"Reading this book shows me that even in the toughest of times, when you're holding on to a rock in a flood of waves and debris, the human spirit can still hold on."


"I had an amazing [yoga] class today which was made even more amazing using the affirmation cards... I closed the class reading out the card on patience and I reckon they will be used every week and in my balance classes at the end of meditations. They're a great way to end a class and allow a focus for the rest of the day." - Amy Nordsvan, Yoga and Group Fitness Instructor

"Every morning with my coffee, I read an affirmation card to give me a focus for the day."

"I read the cards to my kids before bed"

"They give me a theme for my yoga class without needing to think about it."

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