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A nine-week long immersion for releasing pent up grief & trauma; anchoring in to the life you want to create and opening your heart to receive life's goodness.


I love to listen and hold non-judgemental, healing space to talk about deep and meaningful topics. I also think one of the most wonderful things we can find is a community of like-minded people who accept us as we are and encourage us to be our best. That's why I am offering a nine week long journey, so that we can work together to release, anchor and receive, in reverence.



Weeks One -Three

In the first part we'll be deeply focusing on overcoming, expanding self awareness, forgiveness, and letting go of old wounds. There will be 1-1 & group support, daily inspiration and topics to focus on, and lots of individual consultations where I will hold space for you. You'll be part of a beautiful community here to deeply and lovingly support you.

Week One: See What's There

Let's uncover what is hiding in our shadow...
Week Two: Feel Into It

And bring it into the light...

Week Three: Let It Out

So we can set it free....


Weeks Four - Six

In the second part we will be going a little deeper into learning to love and trust ourselves again. Our focus will be around self care, joy, finding our values and expression.

Week Four: Be Here Now

And begin to transform...

Week Five: Gratitude 

What once was darkness...
Week Six: Welcome the New

Into something beautiful...



Weeks Seven - Nine

In part three we are going even deeper into the topics of sexual healing, mending the broken heart and deepening into our relationships. We're really focusing on communication, self intimacy, and opening our hearts to receive again.


Week Seven: Divine Love

Knowing we are so lovingly supported...

Week Eight: Sexual Healing

And so worthy of such pleasure...
Week Nine: Shared Purpose & Partnership

Not only for ourselves, but a better world...!

How does that sound? 

Let's do this!

What's actually involved?

Nine Themed Yoga Classes.

Unlimited Email Support.

A Facebook Group.

Weekly Inspiration.

Three 1.5-2 hour Zoom Calls. 

Oracle Cards & Recipes.

Journaling Prompts.

Life Coaching.

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