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Why I decided to become a life coach

and my experience with

Beautiful You Coaching Academy 

I was sitting in a counselling room at the end of my final session finally feeling like myself again.

Whole, confident and sure... but something was missing. 

What now? Was the question in my mind. 

I wanted to help people. It wasn't enough that I had come to a good place for myself because I craved that for others.

None of us are truly free until we are all free. 

Looking around at other people struggling tugged at my heart and I knew there had to be more.

I had a message to share and a full heart but no idea what to do with it. 

I searched for podcasts, content and information to give me a sense of a deeper, richer connection to something far more powerful and exciting than the mundane of everyday life. 

This can't be all there is.

I was determined to keep the promise I made myself as a young girl being abused. I had prayed and bargained for my freedom, promising the universe that if I could find a way out of this living hell that I would help others too. 

But how?

For a while, I played around with ideas based on blind faith - I tried network marketing because I got a call out of the blue about it while I was wondering how I could make money to help support my family. I tried beauty courses thinking it could be a fun way to earn money doing my own thing. But no career path I tried quite landed right in my heart.


I hoped and dreamed of having the confidence and ability to be able to become a respected wife, author, speaker, counsellor, and mother but I felt incapable, shy and uncertain. I was determined to make all my dreams come true and I did some cool things like write a book and get it published, but even though I would achieve things that I wanted, I did not feel any different.

I did not feel better, I did not feel confident or proud or happy. 

So I kept searching.

I saw women who were podcasting, sharing on socials, publishing books, living their dream lives. I played with building my own website and dreamt about having people come to me for support, but I had no structure for how to actually help. 

Then one day through following people on Instagram like Luna Love, Tracey Spencer, Rebecca Campbell and many more I had heard interviewed on podcasts and seeing how all the inspiring authors, podcasters and coaches I had admired were connected, I stumbled across Beautiful You Coaching Academy founded by Julie Parker right here in my own country, Australia. 

I read the website and I knew I had to do the BYCA life coaching course.

It was a full body yes. 

I knew this was the thing that had been missing.

The glue, the structure, the heart, the community, the how-to. 

I was amazed at how different every person in the course was and how so many different skills and personalities all came together in this one course to create something so unique and so powerful.

Coaching was not some wishy-washy made-up, intangible thing,

it was a real career.


The transformation I had through BYCA was priceless.


I realised how to feel the way I wanted to feel. It was never actually about what I did, but how I felt about myself that mattered most of all.

and I could change that.

I realised I was so much more than anything that happened to me, so much more than any of the achievements or labels on the outside that I had originally put value into.

In the course, I was seen, acknowledged and accepted for who I was.

Someone else outside of me at my best was holding a higher vision for me, believing in my dreams and lighting up the path.

During the course, I worked with a buddy and we coached each other so we had real life experience coaching and also the opportunity for feedback on our coaching from the trainers. Instead of feeling like a scary test where you had to pass or fail, it was a genuine way of getting to know your strengths and gifts as a coach while also learning how to be even better. 

Since completing the course, I have managed to create things and commit to myself like never before. The effects are lasting, and the goals I started with for myself in the course are lifelong, ever deepening and truly fulfilling. 

The course is nine months online and the modules are: 

1 - Introduction to Life Coaching

2 - You as a Coach

3 - Holding Space

4 - Coaching Communication

5 - Coaching Engagement

6 - Coaching Goals

7 - The Coaching Series

8 - Types of Goals

9 - Mindset Matters

10 - Your Ideal Clients

11 - Building a Coaching Business

12 - Deepening Your Coaching Skills

13 - Sacred Coaching Leadership

14 - Celebrating You

Each module built upon the last, so it truly felt like I was integrating the knowledge from the ground up.

My favourite module was all of them, but I particularly loved coaching communication, because learning how to actively listen and ask powerful questions is a skill you can take with you absolutely everywhere.  

Coaching has felt like the thread that ties all the pieces of me and my life experiences and trainings together. That is why I truly recommend doing the Beautiful You Life Coaching course if you feel called - it will be worth your while. I got to be coached while also learning to coach and that is pretty awesome!

Want to become a coach?!

Do you love helping people? 

Are you passionate about personal development?

Do you want to learn from the best coaches in the industry?

Are you looking for the kind of heart-centered career where you get to support people, be your own boss and work from anywhere?

Would you like to build your communication, people engagement and business skills?

Does this sound like you, beautiful?

Keep reading below!

Studying at Home

Maybe you've always known it's for you and you're just looking for the right academy to bring your coaching dreams to life... 

If so, I have some good news!

As a graduate of Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I am here to tell you that I couldn't recommend the life coaching course highly enough, so I have partnered with them.

Not only can you become a coach, but if you use my name "Natasha Tilley" in the CODE section of your application, you can also receive a free three-month coaching series with me (valued at $1000!).

Once you have enrolled in the BYCA life coaching course with my name in the CODE section, you will be eligible to receive a three month series of coaching with me. 

Apply for the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course here: 

Important Note: If you enter my name in any other area than the one instructed, (which is the code field at your enrolment stage - please see graphic below), or not at all at the exact time of your enrolment, you will not be able to receive my affiliate offerings. This is not something that can be amended at a later time and so please be careful at your sign up stage to do this as I want to be able to support you on your coaching journey!

BYCA Affiliate Sign Up Graphic.jpg

Your free Gift: Serenity

​Three-month coaching package

For three months, we journey closely together. I will become your biggest cheerleader - supporting, encouraging and holding you gently accountable to your highest vision for yourself.

You are the expert of your life and I hold space for you to access your inner well of wisdom. 

We go deep into how you want to feel every day and awaken the spark within to get you thriving!

What is included?

* An obligation free 30 min initial consult to see if we're a match and coaching is right for you.

* 6x fortnightly 60 min Zoom, Skype or FaceTime calls.

* Unlimited email support between sessions.

* Lots of excitement, celebration, and momentum as we set and move toward your powerful, inspiring goals.

Hi, I'm Tash

Perth based Author, Speaker,

& BYCA Certified Life Coach

I'm an embodiment and empowerment coach for sensitive, ambitious souls claiming self-love and trust after healing from trauma and abuse. Passionate about wellbeing and spirituality, I love seeing my clients take ownership of their lives and thrive. 

2021 Graduated Beautiful You Life Coach, Current AIPC student of counselling, 2017 NDIS disability support awards nominee, and proud mum of one beautiful boy

Click here to read more about me and my work.

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