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Citrus Fruits

A space to just be...

Join me on zoom for a sacred inquiry into embracing our pleasure. 

Luxuriously embrace mind, body and soul through the senses to create an overall feeling of balance and deep-rooted wholeness in your life. 

A tri-monthly series to open our hearts to more joy, pleasure, balance and freedom.

All About It...

Have you ever wondered how we could heal the world from all the trauma and abuse when we are barely hanging on ourselves? 


How do we start to prioritise our pleasure and joy in a world that is hell bent on seeing us break our backs to keep busy?


How do we start to lean in and embody the full spectrum of our emotions and everything that makes us human?

I'm Tash, embodiment and empowerment coach for empaths who are ready to receive more joy, balance and freedom in their lives. As a survivor of complex, ongoing trauma I know what it is like to struggle to feel joy and pleasure. I also know how deeply empowering and healing it is to finally allow ourselves, piece by piece to open a little more. Increasing our capacity for good, increases our ability to tolerate the not-so-good. It also allows us to become deeply resourced in our own passion and compassion which ripples out to touch the lives of others. 

You have probably spent a really long time pleasing and looking after everybody else, and you are tired of the rat race. It has been exhausting and you're starting to see the importance of putting your own needs first. You know you can't keep burning yourself out to stay afloat because you know that you can't take care of your loved ones if you can't even take care of you. When you shine, you are lighting the path for others to shine. If they are triggered, that is their invitation, not a sign you are harming anyone. Not only do you deserve to feel good, but it is also your responsibility. 


So my invitation to you as a space holder is, will you join me for a ceremony?






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Hi, I'm Tash

Perth based Author, Speaker,

& BYCA Certified Life Coach

I'm an embodiment and empowerment coach for sensitive, ambitious souls claiming self-love and trust after healing from trauma and abuse. Passionate about wellbeing and spirituality, I love seeing my clients take ownership of their lives and thrive. 

2021 Graduated Beautiful You Life Coach, Current AIPC student of counselling, 2017 NDIS disability support awards nominee, and proud mum of one beautiful boy

Click here to read more about me and my work.

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