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From Depression to Expression

Depression. Have you met her? Here's what she wants us to know....

You're in a deep, dark hole. Lost. Alone. Wondering what the point is of life anymore. Maybe you've tried everything... You've tried self-help. You've tried counselling. You've tried giving to others in an act of feel-good service... Let me guess... you're feeling drained and like you have nothing left to give - not even to yourself. You're at the end of your rope.

There's something more that is meant for you and deep in your heart you know this.

So why is it so hard to take action?

Negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs are blocking you from following your heart and living your passion.

Thoughts like

I can't do it

I'm not good enough

Someone else is already doing it

I don't matter

No one cares

None of this is the truth. You are worth so much more.

There is something inside you. A light that shines brighter than you give it credit for. That light is what you see at the end of your metaphorical tunnel. It's what led you to this blog to start with. It's the part of you that sparkles when you're doing what you love. Let that light out into the world beautiful --- YOU ARE ENOUGH.