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You are right where you are supposed to be

Divine timing is not about things falling into place or “getting your ducks in a row” as I’ve heard it described before. Not one bit is it about the external world, rather it is about our inner wisdom, our depth of understanding around the lesson we are learning from each challenging situation.

If it challenges you, it changes you.

What else is the change but an integration of a lesson - an understanding, a deep knowing - something that is only possible through the personal experience of something.

Be open, be willing to open your mind to the idea that this is right where you are supposed to be.

Luna Love often invites us to question “Is there a divine assignment for me here?” and I ask this to myself often... to remember... to allow the wisdom to come through.

If there is anything I have gained from living what I often saw as my worst nightmare (fertility challenges), it’s largely to do with presence. It’s knowing that there are a million special, wonderful things about this moment right now and in the scheme of life, all is so perfectly well.

I think presence and patience have a lot in common - it takes presence to have patience and patience to cultivate presence. Here, there is an opening... of the heart, to receive. To unblock the pipe and let the abundance of all that is love to flow... and it is all love.

This shit we call karma. To me, karma is a lesson - it literally comes to “teach ‘em a lesson” because when shit “bites us in the ass” it’s really a gift because we gain something really valuable in our understanding of said “shit” and that shit is priceless.

If we really want to move forward in our lives, we have to acknowledge all that is here now, the accumulation of moments that have brought us to this moment. Witness what rises with love, not judgement and speak to ourselves with kindness.

Dear past me,

I forgive you for the things you didn’t know or understand. You were young and learning. I’m proud of you for always striving to do the right thing and taking the time to get to know and understand yourself. Where I am now is wonderful and it is all because you didn’t give up. You worked so hard to overcome the challenges life threw at you. You did your absolute best and for that I am so proud. Thank you for listening to your heart - I love you for this, this is a big one. The only regrets I’ve had are from times I didn’t listen to my heart... but in not listening, I learned to listen.

In getting it wrong, I learned to get it right.

The thing is, I am different now to who I used to be. I know that I need to stop clinging to and searching for things that used to make me happy or that I want to make me happy, because with presence and patience I am here - and here is where an abundance of happiness can be found... if I am willing to open my mind to the belief that this is right where I am supposed to be.

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