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Service is healing

We are all humans.

We have these beautiful earthly vessels that are both miraculous and disgusting 🤣 We are incredible beings, wired for survival, love, and pleasure. I’m so awed by it all. I’ve met many survivors of abuse now and even though I’m one of them, I can’t claim to know the motivation behind all of us. But what I have speculated is that once in a stable state, there is this big desire to serve and almost even maybe save other survivors.

Naturally we want to help people who have been where we were, People who have been so broken by fucked up, incomprehensible to the average person - TRAUMA. As someone who has gone to great depths to share my story, I can tell you how deeply healing it is to just share and release that darkness.

It’s like I didn’t have to hold it all by myself anymore. I feel like I’m much better at writing than speaking but it might just be that that is where my healing is at right now. I stand by it.

Healing is serving.

There is something so powerful about lightening the load (they say troubles shared are troubles halved) and getting that shit off your chest while at the same time inspiring others to know that they can share their load too! Imagine a world where we all hold each other in our beauty and our pain.

Equally valid.

Uniquely blessed.

You are blessed, you are a gift, thank you for every time you open your heart and allow us to share the depths of our soul, and share your depths too, what beautiful sacred connection! Thank you beautiful soul.

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