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The mental health pandemic?

“You have severe anxiety, depression and stress” they told me.

And it got my thinking...

Fuck I’m resilient.

Because all that and I’m a mum, a life coach and a wife. Keeping a happy, healthy fam, a nice home and doing all the things. Wow. It all seems so put together and yet internally, I’m hanging by a thread.

And I know I’m not alone.

And it got me thinking...

Shit we're resilient.

Because we hold it all together and get all this stuff done. Wow.

All of this to seem like we are okay.


Is it to stay 'safe'?

Is that supposed to be normal, acceptable, and okay?


Are we all just holding our lives together to appear okay while we fight internal battles that nobody knows anything about?

Are we all just hoping someone will come show us the love we need and save us from ourselves?

Are we relying on a broken system to be there for us when it all gets too much?

How many people are hurting and going around hurting others because they don’t know how to show up for themselves?

How many people are saying they’ll be there with their words and not showing it with their actions because they just lack the awareness and/or ability to do so?

How many of us are trying to help someone who doesn’t want help instead of helping ourselves?

How many of us even know how to ask for help?

It's all a bit much don't you think?

What if we could become what we need and fearlessly express that to the world?

What if we knew we deserved to feel good?

What if things could be different?

I know it might sound a little dreamy but maybe that’s the point.

Maybe it is okay for us to have these dreams and start to make our own little action steps towards making them come true in our world.

Then we could change the world for another and another and another.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

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