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Rising Above

It seems we live in such a confusing world where the ones you think are happy are struggling silently, the ones you think are beautiful are looking in the mirror for a thousand faults, and the ones you think are successful are completely falling apart in an area of their life that you can’t see. The most generous souls are pouring into us from empty cups. The ones so kind to our faces are talking behind our backs. The people who seem to hate us are really just jealous because they don’t see their own magic. The ones preaching love have the most judgement to cast. And the ones you think are crazy are the most sane humans alive.

What if we could all be honest and true enough with ourselves to have the courage to speak it to others?

What if we could all claim our power, feel our pain and rise above trash talk like gossip and blame to be on a higher plane of freedom and peace?

Why do we fear what we don’t understand instead of understanding what we fear?

Maybe we hold onto the painful negative habits that hurt us because we like the pain we know.

The uncertain empty place between where we are and where we want to be is frightening.

What will happen if I don’t fill the silence with my words?

What will happen if I don’t eat any of that sugary junk that my body can’t stand?

Ever again?

What will happen if I keep up this exercise plan and don’t self sabotage as soon as it starts going well?

What if I follow through on my goals and finish what I start?

What if I speak my truth and stand my ground?

What if? What if? What if?

There is such magic in the end result if we can get through the ‘in between’... if we can see it as the 'turbulence of the take off' on a flight (as Tracey Spencer explains in her book Rock Your Light) rather than thinking the discomfort of growth must mean something is wrong. The shakiness is the old falling away to make way for the new.

Change is never easy for us. It is unfamiliar and new. We don’t like unfamiliar and new because our primal nature says “what if I die?” We fear the rejection of everyone. But is it better to be rejected by others or abandoned by ourselves?

Haven’t we already lost the moment we choose to honour another’s comfort over being in alignment with our hearts deepest desires?

One choice is hard in the beginning, the other will cause ongoing suffering. And it's a choice we must make over and over again. There is no right or wrong answer, only what feels good to you... how often do you choose yourself?

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