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Intention is Everything

I was so inspired by this interview between Marie Forleo & Gary Zuvak - The Radical Power of Intention.

As a Vata mind in Ayurveda, I have some wild dreams and highly creative ideas, so it wasn't a surprise that the night after watching it, my dream sent me a powerful message.

In it, a nasty old woman was manipulating these beautiful women and men. She came in and wrote letters to them that nobody else knew about, saying awful things to them and suggesting that they should drown themselves in the river.

Before long, I’m seeing this beautiful woman who has fully internalised the awful messages from the nasty woman, and feels worthless inside, drowning herself in the river, almost like it is this right and noble thing to do.

I am trying to save her, but I’m only an observer of the dream. She can’t hear me calling out to her saying "No wait it’s a lie! Please don’t do it!"

Meanwhile, I see another women laying under the water. She has been manipulated into believing that she’s dying a painful death and believes she should drown herself in the river. Her lover and her are staring into each others eyes as if so say goodbye.

These two men are helping the women die because they’d been so manipulated by the nasty woman, she had been in bed with them and getting in their heads for a long time to gain their trust. It seems as though they can't see her but she can see them. They think her words are their own thoughts.

There were a few people around the river just watching this all happen. This nasty woman watched from afar and felt powerful. She had them all wrapped around her finger, because if anyone tried to stand up to her or stand up and say that this wasn’t right, they were cast out by the crowd who were all under her manipulation. They feared for their own lives, their own ways of life, and their loved ones, so they dare not speak, they would rather cast out anyone who might bring them down if they listen, than to be cast out with them.

And I woke up realising this is reality all the time. Beautiful people are drowning themselves (figuratively speaking) because the darkness tells them they are not beautiful, worthy or that they have wronged someone and they should take their life to pay for what they’ve done or the burden they are. Or just any damn cruel or negative thing we think about or say to ourselves.


With every action we follow and word we speak that’s an illusion, a mean lie, we feed power to it. We feed the darkness by acting on fear, no matter how we label that fear.

Here’s the key - it’s the actions we take that we have power over. It’s the choices we make. We all have choices.

Treat nasty words in your head like a mean letter from a nasty person who wants to take your power away and don’t even read it, don’t give it the power and satisfaction of your attention, burn it and choose to listen to the quiet voice of love who is crying out, please don’t do it, it’s a lie! You’re beautiful!

Better yet, turn the hateful words themselves into love, change the ending to use your own power for yourself and turn your pain, fear and trauma into your strength.

Maybe it’s by writing a book, or sharing your story somehow. Maybe it’s starting a business or just getting out of bed. Maybe it’s being kind in an argument instead of trying to get the last word. Maybe it’s by following your heart for once on a passion or joy you put away. Whatever it is, let it be what brings you joy, and makes you feel good.

Do you feel like it can be a mission to feel motivated, or are you craving support to choose more joy for yourself in your life? Would you love to have someone walk beside you as you start to take more self loving actions in your life? Are you ready to feel more inspired and balanced?

I am an embodiment coach who supports healed trauma survivors and ambitious free spirits to trust the intuition and honour their body. I am passionate about spirituality and wellbeing and love seeing my clients take ownership of their lives and shine!

You deserve to feel how amazing, not just okay... Let's journey there together.

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