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Who am I not to?

We think we’re protecting ourselves by hiding, playing small, watching out for all those others that would judge us (like we judged those who go after their dreams).

But are we really safe? Because if you’re living in fear, you’re probably surrounded by other people living in fear and already being judged regardless.

You were created. Your gifts were given to you. You have the ability to go after your dreams. How dare you not? When you have a voice, who are you not to speak for what’s right? When you have legs to walk, eyes to see, ears to hear, arms to lift, who are you not to use them and show your appreciation for having such ability? When you have love to give, who are you to withhold it?

When you flip the script, it changes everything. Every single thing you have is a borrowed gift.

Play. Sing. Love. Appreciate.

Gratitude will get you far.

It shouldn’t take for us to lose things before we realise what we had. We shouldn’t need to look back and have regrets when we can look ahead and decide who we want to be. Life is a gift that we have this unknown amount of time to live. Why do we assume so much when those assumptions aren’t even based on love and truth?

We assume we know better than a person what is right for them.

We assume we are not good/able/beautiful/strong/smart enough.

We assume how others feel about us when we could never truly know that.

If you’re going to assume something, why not let it be how amazing, beautiful, loved and capable you are? And that others are doing their best? That nobody is out to get you and there is enough for you too?

You can be a beacon of light and hope, inspiring people, or a fearful servant of darkness dragging everybody down as you try to lift yourself out of quicksand. It really is your decision, your free will. And you can change your attitude in an instant.

The next time you think who am I to do that? Ask yourself who am I not to?

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