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Tea, Glorious Tea

Since I was a little girl, tea has been a part of my life. My sister and cousins and I would sit with Nanna & Grandad drinking tea. These beautiful grandparents of ours made (and still make) us feel unbelievably welcome, always.

They shared stories of their childhood and talked with us about all kinds of lovely things. We would draw and colour and play and laugh. It was always an English Breakfast tea with milk & sugar and an Arnott's bikky or two from the tin of mixed biscuits.

My tea drinking habits have evolved as I've grown, catch ups with friends and family always involve pots of tea, we no longer need the sugar and our milk is dairy free. I try to only buy organic and fair-trade if I can. The range of teas in my home has grown past thirty six with everything from herbal, to matcha green to flavoured blends.

The selection of tea pots, cups and mugs I have now makes me smile - I love to have a choice.

Tea is like a warm bath or one of Nanna's loving hugs. My daily gratitude meditation involves drinking tea and counting my blessings (tea being one of those things to be thankful for).

It might sound like a lot of fuss over something as basic as a hot drink, but it is a starting point for me. It is my stop, pause, refresh button on life. If my day is starting to feel out of alignment or my mind is thinking about troubles and struggles, I make a cup of tea and reflect on what is going right instead.

Tea is my permission slip to choose again. The comfort of the aroma, the taste and the warmth reminds me what is truly important. It invites me to remember, regather, realign.

It is truly powerful when we can find something from our childhood that brought us happiness and wholeness, and bring it into our daily adult life.

May your days be filled with little treasures as small and simple as a cup of tea & as grand as grandparents <3