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Let's stop labelling our feelings and just start letting them go

We think the devil is our pain but the devil is in how we respond to pain. How do you respond? Judgement? Blame? Reacting rather than responding with choice? Awareness is the first step, seeing the thoughts and beliefs rather than having them subconsciously. Realizing you have a choice is life changing. It is the part where you take responsibility for yourself. Choosing to respond (for example taking a few deep breaths rather than yelling at or hurting someone) is an act of self love. Do you think it is interesting that we attach these judgments/labels? Mental "illness" Post traumatic stress "disorder" All these labels imply there is something "wrong" with us and that it needs to be fixed rather than it being a natural process of recovering from the wounds of the traumatic event. Change the language. Change the thoughts that go along with the feelings. Change the beliefs about yourself that make you feel like crap. I've heard that buying into the beliefs and thoughts that make you feel awful are self indulgent. I think it is because they keep fueling this state of being sad but not actually releasing (in fact adding to) the trauma. It's not your fault if you have been doing this, it is not something that is known and taught in our culture. We are taught to cut off from our bodies and value our minds - it is NO WONDER that there is so much stress, anxiety, depression and suicide. Therefore if we want to feel good, balanced, happy, worthy and have experiences that give our life purpose, we NEED to change this way of being. We MUST keep choosing the path less walked. The path of courage, resilience, persistence, forgiveness, strength, wisdom and unconditional love. Need some support? Check out the resources and "I recommend" pages and listen to the Messy Beautiful Healing podcast for stories and tools to help you on your journey to RECLAIM your life, your power, your creativity!

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