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Saying No: Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain

Are you sick of being busy? So busy you don't have time for yourself anymore? So busy that you can't do the things that you enjoy or follow your deepest desires?

This is why it is such a waste of time trying to please everyone and why you should adopt the skill of saying no. 1) It is uncomfortable for a moment, but then you get respect.

2) You will be surrounded by the best people because you're living in alignment with your true self and will therefore attract the people who resonate with you best!

3) You will be able to serve the world better because you will be getting more out of life. It seems like you're serving when you take on tasks or even agree with everyone and be neutral but this is an illusion. You are actually doing everyone a disservice (including yourself).

4) You will stop others having expectations of you when you stop trying to live up to expectations (the law of attraction tells us that like attracts like, more attracts more)

5) You'll be able to offer more to yourself and others because you free up lost energy wasted trying to please everyone. You will instead be able to invest that energy in something that actually makes you happy.

6) Less effort and a carefree lifestyle. What more could you want?

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