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Why Releasing Self Judgement is the Key to Healing

There are days when feeling good is easy! Gratitude flows for the goodness in my life and I sing with joy and dance with laughter...

And then there are days like this.

Where everything is an effort,

I can't override the voices in my head,

And thoughts of suicide haunt me.

I have this belief that I'll never be enough,

That I'll never amount to anything,

And it leaves me feeling worthless.

Feeling empty.

Wondering why I have had to suffer so much.

What is it all for?

To be torn down every time I rise up?

How many times do I have to fall?

How many times do I have to break before life will leave me alone?

Is it just me?

I definitely feel alone.

If "not alone" means we are all suffering then what is the point?

How can I be myself if there is no room to grow because such a big part of who I am is never accepted?

It is part of being human to feel this way. The ups, the downs, the highs and the lows. Emotions are the human experience. To be alive is to FEEL. The ego tries to judge these emotions and make up stories about our worth which honestly make us feel a thousand times worse.

Well-meaning people often block our emotions by comforting us when we feel a "bad" emotion and inhibit the flow. We become stagnant full of negative energy which manifests into depression or anxiety.

It is then a matter of questioning what needs to change in my life and what needs to stay. It is questioning what needs to be included or adjusted to allow for the light to expand. Most of all, it is releasing judgement and allowing these emotions to flow and move out.

It is remembering to just be.

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