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Leaving Home on a Journey Alone

Travelling overseas on my own was not something I EVER thought I would do. I never considered it.

Until one day....

See, I often imagined being fully welcomed into a circle of strong, inspirational women. It was a vision of a beautiful, inviting sisterhood retreat by the ocean. Then the perfect opportunity showed up in my inbox. I'd manifested my dream retreat for connecting with like-minded souls to reclaim our birthright as women, and find our truest selves.

I felt an inner pull.

At first I thought "that's nice" and then justified why I couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't go. Then I consulted with a couple of people... again I talked myself out of it. Then I did it again. With some loving encouragement from the people in my life with whom I'd shared the idea, I decided to commit.

In September, I went to Greece for Luna Love's Trinity Initiation Retreat. She led the retreat with two other amazing ladies - Josie Keys and Samavesha Gayatri Devi. I joined nine other beautiful women in the retreat.

On the first day I connected with Josie and discussed with her my intentions for the retreat. My biggest intention was, of course, to find the circle of women I was looking for, and to embody self love. It turns out, I was looking for the inner mother. I needed to be the encouraging mother to my inner child and gently nudge myself to the edges of my comfort zone to show myself that I could fly.

Did I tell you it was worth it??

The weather was incredible....

The views - stunning!

The food... OMG the food!!!!

And the people - the hospitality was absolutely incredible.

The retreat itself was an emotional roller-coaster (in a good way). We connected deeply and did a lot of cleansing and healing work together. I cannot express enough in words what it was like to experience the beauty and wonder of The Trinity Initiation.

I did it. We all did. The deep connections we have made bond us all through time and space. I absolutely fell in love with Greece and everyone there. I found my self, I found my voice. I allowed myself to really FEEL and therefore release stagnant energy which freed me up to feel all the LOVE and JOY I could possibly feel. In the end I was buzzing and glowing. So full of love. The love that I and each and every one of us is made of.

I was sad to leave my sisters to go our separate ways home, but I feel forever grateful for the experiences we shared together and memories we've made.

So YES, it was worth it.

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