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Trivial Problems VS Real Problems? Why we get uncomfortable with other people's emotions.

It's about courage I guess. To feel the absolute humanness of ourselves.... To deeply accept the way things are as much as we like, love or hate it. Its easy to look at what someone else is doing "right" or "wrong" but it's harder to find that within ourselves and see if we're actually living up to our own standards. Have we set our bar so high that we don't even want to look, or is it so low that we don't care about ourselves (then wonder why we resent others for their apparent happiness)? When I used to cut off from my pain, I used to roll my eyes (inside) at the sob stories of others thinking "you think YOU'VE got it bad! Try living in my world 😡" believing that they had no idea what REAL problems were. Truth is, if that's the way it worked, my problems would've been laughable to a kid being gang raped every night and not having a hot meal each night like I did. We could go on and on if we compared our experiences to others. The thing is that what we feel about others lives has absolutely fuck all to do with us! 

As hard as it seems, we actually have to face our OWN shit. This seems like such bullshit because our troubles are what someone else did to us, we had no choice, so why are we the ones cleaning up their mess? We do it because our life is ours to make what we want of it. Offenders and assholes can only take as much of us as we let them and that which they take we can call back to ourselves. We can love and care for ourselves in the way we always deserved to be loved and cared for at all times but for unfair reasons couldn't be. We can reclaim ourselves and smile, knowing that with a heart so full, we can witness others in their own healing, knowing how valid it is and how much it does not minimize our own sufferings. It is in this way that we support one another through supporting ourselves. We can find connection and love and know our worth. We can live with pure freedom and joy. We can be our best.  

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