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I didn't know how privileged I was

I always knew I was blessed to have a family that loved and took care of me when I thought they'd turn against me. I thought they'd hate me because that's what he told me. So when I learned that he lied… about it all… I was so relieved to see that my family still loved me and I would not be cast out on the streets. It seems ridiculous if I look at it now from an observers point of view - of course it's never a child's fault and could never be a child's fault. Of course I'm not inherently bad. Of course I didn't deserve to be treated like an object. The sad truth is that I was and I felt all those awful things and I believed terrible things about myself.

My power was taken from me. It was violently robbed. Along with my innocence, my freedom, my choice and my joy. Yet as a white women in a first wold country I thought I still had a lot to be thankful for. I struggled to make friends, to concentrate, to sleep at night but it wasn't obvious to an outsider (I did a lot of work to make myself seem okay from the outside - I had to be okay… if I didn't seem fine, they'd know and they'd blame me… I mean wasn't it written all over my face?) I could have sworn that the shame I felt was so strong that it shone through my eyes like a laser light. Yet nobody saw. Nobody seemed to care… they just carried on about their lives. I felt so alone.

I knew I wasn't alone. I had my brother and sister. I had my mum and dad. I had my nanna and grandad and all these aunties and uncles and cousins to love. Oh so blessed!! I had a house and warm meals and an education. I mean I was as happy as I could be… with enough support and awareness and determination, I've been able to survive and live a meaningful life.

I found happiness in many things… nature, tea, animals, comedy, music… I had so much to be happy about. In fact I continue to always collect things that bring me happiness and joy, hope and lightness. Which is what I am sharing in my podcast (another wonderful thing I am so privileged to be able to create). Yet no matter how much work I do on myself and how much love I have in my life, I cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering that still happens today. To the children of our world who still go to bed afraid or don't go to bed at all.

I hear parents worrying about their own kids ("If it ever happened to MY kids I'd......), all the while there are babes out there who are being sold as sex slaves. Right now. Everywhere.

I can't pretend that it will only bother me if something like this happens to someone I know because I know it is already happening to someone I don't know. Someone I can't reach out to and guide or protect. Someone who doesn't necessarily have the luxury or privilege that I've been born into. Someone who doesn't know it's not their fault. Someone who can't escape. I just can't let go of that… It fires me up and burns in the pit of my stomach. The fire of fierce protectiveness that is growing inside me. The fire that says "dare you go near those children, I will burn you."

I have gone through feelings of helplessness and sorrow feeling like there was nothing I could do.

You know what? I'd be turning a blind eye if I gave up and got on with my own life like nothing's wrong when there is SO MUCH work to be done. Not only for the ones going through it now but for the ones who still need so much help and support. This is not something that stops happening and all of a sudden you're relieved. It's not only shock and grief but it's one of the worst forms of trauma. It causes changes in the brain which could lead to depression, anxiety and even suicide. It is absolutely crucial that aftercare is provided to prevent this highly common, avoidable fate.

Funding is needed. Awareness is needed. Understanding and support and change is needed.

So here I am… Giving everything I can to this. Because if there's anything I can do to prevent another child from this, save another child (all of them please!!), support another child (whether they are young or old now) - I will do it… and I hope you will too.

There is one thing I want to add. A way we can all help. Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R) is a not for profit organisation that fights sex trafficking. They save the children who are being sold as sex slaves. DoTERRA has partnered with them and for every bottle of the essential oil blend Hope we purchase for $26, that entire $26 goes to O.U.R. $2500 is needed PER CHILD to rescue them and provide the appropriate and essential aftercare. We need an army.

Will you help us fight this?


+ Click Join + Save

+ Scroll to the bottom and hit the big green “Join doTERRA” button

+ Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you

+ Click ‘Local’

+ Choose Option 2 - WELLNESS ADVOCATE

+ Enter your Personal information

+ At *Enroller ID* enter my number: 5389668

+ Click verify – it should show my name: Tasha Tilley

+ Allocate yourself a Password

+ Click over to the next page

+ Select your Home Essentials or Nature’s Solution Kit

(If you’re only starting with a few oils, start typing in the name of the oil individually in the box and it will appear for you to select it. Be sure to select the $35 introductory packet if you’re not enrolling with a kit. This is a one off payment to open your wholesale account for the next year. Starting with one of our kits waivers the $35 joining fee)

+ Enter your credit card details and process your order

Once your order processes – you’ll be hearing from ME!

By opening your wholesale account with one payment of $35 or the purchase of a kit, all your purchases will be 25% off retail and you will have the opportunity to buy a bottle of Hope essential oil and help STOP sex trafficking!!

You can learn more about the project here:

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