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Do we hold onto anxiety/depression labels to feel okay about being scared and sad?

Because fear and sadness could be seen as feminine emotions, our masculine dominated world sees them as “weak” and something to hide in shame.

What if instead of creating stories and identifying ourselves with labels like "anxiety" and "depression" to excuse something you’re not sure is okay to feel, we just made it okay to feel them?!

I'm not saying that depression and anxiety aren't real and don't exist, but they ARE emotions. They are emotions that have been squashed, silenced and shamed for too long and have come back with a vengeance, needing to be felt!

What if it was just okay to cry when you’re sad?

What if it was okay to say you’re scared and ask for support when you feel alone/unsure?

The next time you see a man cry and it makes you uncomfortable, can you understand that your discomfort is actually your conditioning in a masculine dominated culture intent on squashing anything feminine. That is anything flow, emotional intelligence, gentleness etc.

I mean wouldn’t you rather see a man you love cry it out rather than commit suicide because he feels he has to put on a front and hide what’s real and true and messy and beautiful??

We need both.


We need the full spectrum of humanity at the table of life if we want to move forward in the world. It’s time to choose love and acceptance over judgement and fear.

Let's stop trying to justify why we feel what we feel and just listen to what our emotions are trying to teach us about ourselves and this world we live in.

Can you find the wisdom in your feelings today?

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